Helena Bates


Helena grew up in former Communist Czechoslovakia, receiving her Masters degree in Architecture and Design from the famous Prague Institute of Technology. She left her homeland in a daring escape over the Alps in 1983. While leaving her family behind she brought with her a proud legacy of artistic sensibility, exemplary work ethic and dedication to old world quality.

Helena has achieved success in the U.S. as a highly sought-after architectural illustrator in Denver, Colorado, and commercial architectural designer on New York’s Madison Avenue. In New York she expanded her professional skills at the world famous Parson’s School of Design.

Helena now resides in Kansas City, Missouri, where she applies her expertise in designing dramatic wall sculptures in public buildings and luxury homes. In all these activities, Helena’s unique vision combines design elements, proportionality and composition drawn from her background in classical European art through contemporary Bauhaus School of Design.

European Mother and American Daughter Creating & Designing Interior Decor Influenced by Traditions of European Design

“As Entrepreneurs, our eclectic skill sets as a Czech Architect and Professional Drummer/Artist are combined to deliver unique, handcrafted, functional art to beautify any space.”

Natalie Bates


Natalie Bates lives and works throughout the Kansas City with a job to correlate with all of her interests.. She is a drummer with the Grand Marquis, freelance graphic designer, tap room server at Casual Animal and volunteer as assistant director/founder/board member and percussion mentor of the community youth non profit ‘5 Star Jazz Band’ and co owner of HKN Design. She plays locally and nationwide with Kansas City’s New Orleans Blues and Soul Band, The Grand Marquis. Natalie is a graduate has dual degrees from Penn Valley Community College with a Digital PrePress /Graphic Design Degree and from the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance with a Jazz Studies Degree.